Li-Ting Lin, a multimedia journalist



Pigeon Protectors

Hong Kong’s pigeon protectors are defying both public disdain and the law, as they work to mend broken birds. But what moves someone to care for an animal which many consider to be pests? As part of Hong Kong Free Press Hong Kong Humans series, Li-Ting Lin speaks to the founder of Hong Kong Pigeon and Dove Rescue.

Pig Vigil

While an average Hongkonger eats four times more than recommended meat on a daily basis, a group of young people are trying to change this. Li-Ting Lin speaks to the organiser of Hong Kong Pig Save.


Short Documentary |12 min


Harry Chan has spent more than half of his lifetime diving, but after he retired from work, he realised he could do more with his hobby. A story about determination, optimism, and the love for the ocean.

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The Secret Sauce to Happiness

By Li-Ting Lin | May 4, 2018 | Data |

Someone may argue that happiness is the most important aspect of life. An unhappy life is a dull life and loses its purpose. But what is the most important factor lead to happiness? 


By Li-Ting Lin | Nov 20, 2018 | Multimedia Reporting

As concerns grow with the new legislation on imported trash to mainland China, Li-Ting Lin, Yue Yang, and Tina Zhou spoke to three recycling sectors in Hong Kong to find out how it has affected the business.