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Hi, I am Lily!

A highly motivated, creative and empathetic soul with backgrounds in advertising and graphic design, now studying as a master student in the Journalism Media Studies Centre at The University of Hong Kong. I am particularly interested in the field related to environment issues and animal rights, and looking forward to apply what I learn to help raise awareness on these areas.

Having spent half of my life in Taiwan, and travelled to the United States and Italy for academic purposes prior to my chapter here in Hong Kong, I consider myself adventurous and open minded. I enjoy traveling, and to pause everything going on in my life to just travel is something that I have to do before I die. I love my family, the nature and animals, they are all that motivates me.

Pro-democracy rally on National day

pro-democracy organizations rallied from Causeway Bay to Admiralty on the National Day calls attention to repressions from the government on construction problem in Shatin to Central link, recent ban on the National Party, and the legislation to Article 23.

Rare silence when Typhoon Mangkut hits

Typhoon Mangkut was issued a number ten signal, the highest typhoon alert scale, in Hong Kong last Sunday. Prior to its landing, the government had warned the citizens to be prepared for the worst. Villagers were evacuated in Tai O, a lower lying fishing town in the...

Student Responses on HKU Professor Murder Case

As an assignment, we were asked to collect student responses on a murder case that happened about two weeks ago. The case was about a HKU professor who murdered his wife at a residential hall of the university, where he and his family live and where the...