Li-Ting Lin (Lily)

A highly motivated and empathetic soul driven by her passion in telling wildlife and environmental stories, Li-Ting now pursues a Masters of Journalism degree at the University of Hong Kong. Most recently, she interned as a production assistant at Sustainable Asia, a start up company partnering with environmental journalists to produce engaging audio about Asia. She now interns at The News Lens in Taipei. Taiwan. Her work has appeared in TIME, Hong Kong Free Press, chinadialogue and China Daily.

Li-Ting earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Northeastern University, with a minor in Arts. While in college, she has gained field production experience from Boston Neighborhood Network. She has also worked as a communications coordinator at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, during which she polished her skills in video editing and graphic design. After she graduated, she returned to her hometown, Taiwan, as a graphic designer at an advertising company.

Her strong interest to cover the environment has grown stronger each year as she seen increasing reports on climate change and plastic pollutions. As someone who loves the nature, she aspires to become a multimedia environmental journalist. She is a fast learner with a can-do mindset.

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