Two days ago on Sunday, the Ocean Cleanup deployed a trash collection device to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Their goal is to clean up 50 percent of the trashes in five year. However, groups like the Ocean Conservancy are skeptical of the outcome because there are MORE pouring in each year, for around 9 million tons of plastic waste each year.

I am a huge ocean lover, and I’ve been doing my parts in raising awareness and cutting down disposable items after seeing how they affect the marine animals. It is alarming to learn that the patch is now growing to become twice the size of Texas, yet this is not the only garbage patch in the ocean, simply the most famous one. I look forward in seeing positive outcome from the device, but also would like to point out that the trash collection device is simply cleaning up the ocean. The waste is not going anywhere but to the land, and it is not stopping more waste to entering in as well. So it all comes to one main point- if we don’t do our parts in reducing from the very beginning, nothing will change. Slat said their researchers found plastics that can be traced back to 1960s and 1970s. The plastic does not go anywhere. I’ve always found it ironic that we humans create a material that can last forever, but we choose to dispose them after one single use. I think it is time now to think of the impact we cause on the environment over the convenience life we create. The animals, the plants, and the land have no choices, but to bear and withstand everything we did. A bit unfair, don’t you think so?


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