Hong Kong- A march convened by various pro-democracy organizations rallied from Causeway Bay to Admiralty starting from 3p.m. on the National Day calls attention to repressions from the government.

Au Nok-Hin, the vice convener of the Civil Human Rights Front, said “I am afraid that Hong Kong will never enjoy any kind of freedom, including the protest today.”

“It is unimaginable at cost,” Au said about the recent ban on the National Party, “they try to dig into the loop holes of the legal system to try to find anything that they can use to in order to eliminate any organization that they dislike. So I think it is not acceptable. And it is not really the procedure that are to be in a legal society.

He said he can’t think about what will be going on in a year or two, but all his organization hope for is that Hong Kong can maintain their autonomy under One Country, Two system.

“Before a safe city, there is nothing to talk about national security” is the main theme of the march led by the Civil Human Rights Front.

The protest is to raise awareness to the construction problem in the Shatin to Central link, and to express concerns on the recent ban on the Hong Kong National Party and regarding the legislation of Article 23.


The organization is not calling for Hong Kong independence, but their members believe that the freedom of speech and gathering are basic human rights.

Mr. Liang, a pro- Beijing activist who was unwilling to provide his full name, thinks of it differently. He said he worked between Shenzhen and Hong Kong for many years, and he can always express his opinion freely as long as it is not insulting the Chinese government. He also said that those who speak against the government should be punished.

Sébastien Roch and Ana Terrien, two French who have settled in Hong Kong since July, were watching the rally on the bridge at Wan Chai. They said they are impressed with how organized the protestors are performed during the march despite there being different voices.


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