As an assignment, we were asked to collect student responses on a murder case that happened about two weeks ago. The case was about a HKU professor who murdered his wife at a residential hall of the university, where he and his family live and where the murder took place. He then transported his wife in a suitcase to his office in the Haking Wang Building. It was after days when her body was found decomposed, in an underwear, and with an electric wire wrapped around her neck. According to the investigation, the murder took place due to family disputes. With Hong Kong being one of the safest cities and the murderer being of high prestige, we are interested in understanding how students respond to it.

I spoke with approximately twenty students on campus; and with my surprise, there were about twenty percent of them who have not read or heard of the news. And for those that know the news, many of them felt shocked and surprised when they first read it, mainly because it was a professor who did it; however, after learning that it was about private relationship, they said they felt less worried.

Akshay, an interviewee who is a recent graduate from the University
Two new comers of HKU, Janice on the left and Alice on the right

Akshay, a recent graduate of HKU, said he wonders what state of mind the professor was in when the murder took place, because it seems like it wasn’t well thought out, hiding body in his office and also reporting missing person to the police. But like the rest of the people, he is not worried about his personal safety and it does not make him think less about the University.

A new comer of the University, Janice Wong said “I am not so worried about this, as, it’s just like I was saying this is only once case. We cannot really make our statement that Kong U is not safe, the professor quality is not very good, because it is only one case.”

As Akshay told me “eventually the news fades away, eventually you forget about it, and that’s where I am at right now, I didn’t think about it until you came up to me to speak about the event,” that was almost everyone’s reaction when I spoke with them.



Group photo after completing the interviews on students responses on HKU related murder case
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