Typhoon Mangkut was issued a number ten signal, the highest typhoon alert scale, in Hong Kong last Sunday. Prior to its landing, the government had warned the citizens to be prepared for the worst. Villagers were evacuated in Tai O, a lower lying fishing town in the western of Lantao Island, and prices of vegetable and fruits had raised as people stock up their fridges.

Despite getting a bunch of warnings on how strong the typhoon is going to be, growing up in a country that is often hit by typhoons during summer seasons, I underestimated the scale of Typhoon Mangkut. I did not prepare enough food. After learning that when the signal lowers to number eight, convenience stores and fast food chains would be opened; I decided to go out to see what I can get. When I went downstairs I ran into a couple residences of the building just standing by the lobby smoking. Being kind, one of them warned me of going outside because he just came back from the McDonald by the corner. He told me there were about three hundred people (exaggerating, of course) waiting in line for their orders, so unless I want to wait for two hours, he would suggest me not to go there. He also told me how strong the wind was, and it was quite a terrifying moment for him. Being sick of eating instant noodles all day, I decided to go and just to be careful.

And I am glad I went in the end. This was the first time seeing Causeway Bay this quiet and peaceful. And I enjoyed the experience.

During typhoon Mangkut, I was the only person standing on Lockhart road, the often chaotic street.

I lingered on the streets for some moments, to feel the seemly emptiness of the area- a sense one does not get to feel often in this chaotic, bustling city.

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