Hong Kong’s pigeon protectors are defying both public disdain and the law, as they work to mend broken birds. But what moves someone to care for an animal which many consider to be pests? As part of Hong Kong Free Press Hong Kong Humans series, Li-Ting Lin speaks to the founder of Hong Kong Pigeon and Dove Rescue.

While an average Hongkonger eats four times more than recommended meat on a daily basis, a group of young people are trying to change this. Li-Ting Lin speaks to the organiser of Hong Kong Pig Save.

Pinky Liu, an instructor at the Grounds Work for more than ten years, teaches how to make organic traditional cashew candies.

“Don’t Put Me In A Box” is an educational and awareness campaign about microaggressions we all experience based on our identities. Filmed at Northeastern University in Boston, the clip talks about day-to-day minor or major microagressions students face.

Best buddies is an organisation that is dedicated to create one-to-one friendships both integrate employment and leadership development for people with intellectual development disabilities. Ana Porta and Li-Ting Lin speak to members of the Northeastern University Chapter of Best Buddies. 

Peace Through Play is a group where students empower students to create a culture of peace. Kids involved are pre-school to 6th grades students from after school programs in Dorchester, Roxbury and Cambridge communities. It aims to engage students through games and projects on topics such as conflict resolutions, respect, leadership. Li-Ting Lin speaks to three members from the Peace Through Play Northeastern chapter and students at the Lenox school program. 

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